I’m absolutely rubbish at sewing. When I try to reattach a button, I might as well be fashioning a fitted suit. For an octopus.

Still, today is Thread The Needle Day and it made me think about the coffee shop on the corner of my street, which has monthly seamstress meetings. They simply sit there in plain view, happily chatting away as they carry out their needlepoint of countryside settings, kittens in baskets, names of children and, in one case last month, what appeared to be Rainn Wilson.

I have to say I admire them, especially when they can create beautifully stitched craftwork whilst nosily scrutinising their neighbour’s technique. Next time I need a button sewing back onto my suit I may take it to them, although there is a high risk of getting it back with a shifty-eyed llama covering the back, but I reckon I could carry that off.

AMENDMENT: As I was about to post this, I thought I might actually do some research for once. Having carried out a quick Google search, I’ve found that these seamstresses are in fact a knitting group. Close enough though; let’s not go picking at loose threads.


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