We should all eat More Herbs, Less Salt, and it’s easier than you think when you come up with a jaunty tune:



If you’re cooking luncheon and you fancy adding flavour,

forget about the sodium, here’s something that you’ll savour:

sprinkle in some Bay Leaves or a little Kaffir Lime

and before you even know it you’ll use herbs all of the Thyme.


Coriander’s strong and earthy, added to many a dish;

Marjoram is sweet and delicate, like a young child’s Christmas wish;

shining green and onion-tasting, pop some Chives into your mash;

and as for fish, add lots of Dill – it’s not the time for just a dash.


Oregano suits Italian;

Curry Leaves add freshness through;

Parsley’s really universal;

Bouquet Garni: casserole and stew.


If you love a Sunday roast, add Rosemary for bittersweet,

and Tarragon goes great with veg, for those whose palettes reject meat.

Basil’s warm and peppery; Mint’s ideal as sauce with lamb;

and then there’s Sage, a classic herb, that goes with chicken, pork and Spam.


So the next time you’re preparing food,

wanting it to taste superb,

study the spice rack’s many moods,

and if in doubt, select Mixed Herbs.


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