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When I was growing up, I wanted to be a librarian. I know, an odd ambition, but when I looked at what they did all day (or what I thought they did) it seemed like the perfect job. I sat around and handed out books, and maybe had to put a few away now and then, which just seemed like an opportunity to spend time with some of my best friends.

This was my illusion, right until I sat down with a librarian and made that fateful comment. “It must be so nice to sit around and check out books all day.” I’d like to say she laughed, that she didn’t sigh heavily and roll her eyes at me, but that’s not what happened. “let me tell you what we ACTUALLY do… Because it’s far more than you thought.”

What? They Don’t Just Check Out Books?

Not even close. The job a library worker does is incredibly involved, and really touches on a lot more aspects of your experience than you’d imagine. Sure, the foundation of their job is loaning library materials and collect and record returned materials, including making sure you brought them back in the shape they left in.

But all those activities that happen at your local library? Guess who gets to plan those and make them come about? The library computer system that you use to find your favorite books, enjoy your favorite website, or print out that school report? Yeah, Librarians tend to do Tech Support as well. They can even help you find the resources when you’ve got that important project at school due and you can’t find anything on your chosen subject.

They’re kind of the Gods of Information, and they have been since before the Information Superhighway had its first bit of cable laid.

That’s… Kind of a lot

Yeah, it really is. It should come as no surprise that Library Worker Day is a thing. These hard-working men and women of the libraries of the world deserve our respect and recognition for this wonderful thing they do.

While they may not be working with Card Files anymore, it’s important to remember that at some point, a legion of these dedicated individuals had to transfer millions of these cards. Onto the database you now search with comfort and relaxation from your computer desk.

So this Library Workers Day, take a minute to remind them just how appreciated they are. They may even forgive some late fees… maybe.

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