Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, in which case…

Today is Tell Your Friends About This Blog Day. Founded in 1882, when the art of the blog (nib log) was enjoying a wild and tempestuous juvenile stage, a contemporary blogger, Mitch R. Otherland, decided to encourage his journalist associates to share his work through Livre de Visage, a popular Victorian periodical. Wanting to reach as wide an audience as possible, he also taught his carrier chaffinches to ‘tweet’ his work to random people in the street using Morse Code.

In this day and age, Tell Your Friends About This Blog Day is very similar, though far, far easier to achieve. Why, all you have to do is click the ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons above, and within moments you’ll have told your friends all about this daily writing project with zero fuss. Nothing could be simpler.

Nothing. Could. Be. Simpler.


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