A week for confectionary, Christmas trees and a grumpy Kris Kringle.

Do you like chocolate? ‘Course you do. How about anything else? You heard me: anything else other than chocolate. Chances are you do, so Monday 16th December is for you as it’s Chocolate Covered Anything Day. You could start with things like waffles, ice cream or even pretzels, move onto more experimental combinations such as dunking crisps/potato chips in melted chocolate, and finally go experimental and treat yourself to a lovely bit of haddock, dripping with brown goo like a hot Easter egg.

So, having made yourself queasy (or perhaps even violently ill) on Monday, it’s time for Maple Syrup Day on Tuesday 17th December. Maybe just stick to pancakes for this one, eh? Your call; just make sure to take it easy on the old ticker.

Jeez, sorry guys, looks like your waistlines really are going to have to take one for the team this week. Wednesday 18th December is Bake Cookies Day, which does kind of make sense as it’s only a week until Christmas Day, so you’re allowed to indulge. How about making a batch of chocolate and maple syrup ones with the ingredients left over from Monday and Tuesday?

Did you get some crappy gifts last year? Thursday 19th December is Regifting Day, an opportunity to pass them on to others, most likely people you’re not particularly close to but feel obliged to buy a gift for. Finally, after twelve months, I can get rid of that pair of underpants that don’t fit me (I only wore them once… maybe twice). Oh, and have you got your crimble tree yet? NO?! Well you’d better get a shuffle on! And that, boys and girls, is precisely what Look For An Evergreen Day is all about.

We all enjoy knocking on strangers’ doors and bellowing in their face whilst the accumulated warmth exits their home, but for some reason it’s not seen as acceptable at other times of the year. Luckily it’s now Friday 20th December, and Go Caroling Day is when it’s suddenly not only allowed, but actually expected by the masses.

Wow, it’s been quite a festive week so far, what with the chocolate, the cookies, Christmas trees and carolling – are you up for another day of merrymaking? Me neither! Humbug Day on Saturday 21st December may sound miserable and detached from the spirit of the season, but in fact encourages us to vent our holiday frustrations whilst we still have the chance, which could well result in Christmas Day being saved. HUMBUGGERY!

Feeling hungry again after all that muttering and moaning? Date Nut Bread Day on Sunday 22nd December will fill that rumbling belly, and if Humbug Day has done its job you’ll be back in the mood for sharing some with friends. Mmmmm, datey-nutty-bready goodness.

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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