Monday is a day for thinking about shelter, and Sunday is a day for finding out where the word ‘shelter’ originates…

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a home. You may not be reading this at home — you could be at work, in a library, supping a macchiato in a coffee shop or even on the move thanks to the wonder of mobile web — but the point is that you do have a home; somewhere to eat, sleep, wash, and generally live your life. However, it’s an often half-forgotten fact that many people don’t have a home, and that’s why Habitat Day was created by the United Nations. So on Monday 7th October, don’t just think about those who lack a roof over their heads, try to do something about it. Whether you help the homeless of your hometown in some way or give a little to a charity such as Shelter (UK) or Depaul (international), it’s in our power to support the less fortunate.

From vertiginous heights to big hairy spiders, Face Your Fears Day on Tuesday 8th October is when you prove to yourself just how in control you can be. If you conquer a fear as a result, well done! If you don’t, well done for trying!

Wednesday 9th October is an excuse to bring Teddy Potts (or whatever your childhood teddy bear is called) to work. Why? Because it’s Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work And School Day, one of the wordiest and most self-explanatory events of the year! It’s also Post Day, paying tribute to the wonder that is the postal system, so you’re especially lucky if you deliver mail for a living as you get to take your teddy bear all over the place.

Porridge Day on Thursday 10th October encourages us to fuel our day with plenty of slow-releasing energy. Maybe you’re no-frills with your porridge and simply add hot water to oats, or perhaps you go the whole hog with full fat milk, honey, fruit and melted chocolate drops. Whatever the case, grab a spoon!

Coming Out Day and Egg Day are a rather strange combination of events, both of which fall on Friday 11th October. The first invites the world to discuss and celebrate LGBT issues and culture, and the second… well… the second’s about eggs. Maybe make a rainbow omelette using seven different colours of filling?

“Sorry, man, I can’t hear you over my tunes.” Saturday 12th October is Music Day, so turn up the volume on your iPod, computer, radio, CD player, TV, tape deck, 8-track, gramophone or even your own instrument and fill your world with music!

Language is a powerful, beautiful, expressive and bizarre old thing, especially English. After generations of adapting words from other languages into our own lexicon or simply blatantly stealing them, the darn thing still won’t stop changing, growing and adapting to ever-changing needs. Though constantly in a state of flux when it comes to the details, English has remained pretty much the same overall for centuries. English Language Day is a time to appreciate its quirks and particular belters, from abyssopelagic to zenzizenzizenzic (they’re real words; look ’em up).

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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