You have to give authentic smiles on Friday, and then on Sunday you can pull your deranged one…

You did it when you were a kid and got told off, but now that you’re grown up you’re not only allowed to do it, you’re encouraged! Mud Pack Day on Monday 30th September is a chance to cover your face in gunk… although apparently it’s meant to be the beauty variety, not from the back garden.

A celebration that becomes more retro with each passing year, CD Player Day on Tuesday 1st October is when you should play your favourite 120mm diameter discs all day long. Plus it’s also Vegetarian Day, so maybe you can combine the two with some veggie-themed songs such as… er… Butterbean by B-52s? Your call.

Wednesday 2nd October brings us a far more suitable merging of celebrations: Balloons Around the World Day and Farm Animals Day. The first is all about sharing happiness through balloon art, and the second is about piglets, chickens and geese, oh my! So forget about the poodle and the clownfish, how about making an inflatable sheepdog and an air-filled gander instead?

Whenever a triple occasion arises I make the listing short and sweet. Thursday 3rd October is such an occurrence, with Boyfriends Day, Poetry Day and Virus Appreciation Day popping up at the same time. So if you have a boyfriend, show how much you appreciate his existence by writing him a poem, maybe even comparing his hold over you to that of a microscopic infective agent. (Note: “Desirous” rhymes with “virus”. You’re welcome.)

Friday 4th October is both Improve Your Office Day and Smile Day. Now, I’ve worked in a fair few offices, and my advice is that you can probably achieve the former challenge simply by embracing the latter. Raise that morale from ear to ear!

Another good combination of celebrations is Card Making Day and Teachers Day. Whether you’re at school, college, university or simply have someone in your life that you consider a wise educator, make them a card to show your respect and admiration. One problem: these both fall on Saturday 5th October, so you may have to wait until Monday before you present your token of gratitude.

And finally, we end this week with Change a Light Day, which encourages us to switch a regular bulb for the energy saving kind, and Mad Hatter Day, which gives us a reason to act like the crazy headwear merchant from Alice in Wonderland. Needless to say, you should definitely wear an eccentric hat on Sunday 6th October as a result, but don’t miss the opportunity to also frantically run around the house shouting “SWITCH LIGHTBULBS!”

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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