Native American Day opens up many paths of research and celebration. As a people, their spiritual beliefs are rich and varied, their history is filled with tragedy and courage, and even their tastes are interesting, from cornbread to tobacco. But what I love more than anything is their fashion sense – wild colours, vibrant patterns, feathers and bits of other animals left, right and centre.

Unfortunately I don’t know any Native Americans (living in Yorkshire doesn’t help the situation), but there’s a shop called Kathmandu that sells all kinds of exotic and tribal knickknacks, such as dreamcatchers, incense, jewellery made of shark teeth and, how shall I put this, objects that look like bongs but have a sign next to them saying they’re not to be used for the inhalation of illegal substances. Mm-hmm.

But anyway, outside Kathmandu sits this amazing statue of a Native American chieftain with a cigar resting across his top lip like a comedy moustache. If that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.


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