The main principle which World Food Day celebrates is the furtherance of food security all over the world, especially in times of crisis. The launch of the Food and Agriculture Organisation by the UN has played a huge role in taking this worthy goal forward. Its annual celebration serves as a marker of the importance of this organisation and helps to raise awareness of the crucial need for successful agriculture policies to be implemented by governments across the world to ensure there is ample food available for everyone.

This is one of those days where it started and still continues with an incredibly noble purpose but has unfortunately got a little bit muddled. Even when I was adding it to the site I instantly thought “food nom” and not about the sustainability of it. I do try to shop organic and fair trade as I believe that I am in some small way helps. Naive some might think but it helps to this that we would not have some of the amazing foods in our lives without the UN doing what they do to ensure that farmers are protected and that they can do what they do!

Life is fast-paced and trying to fit in preparing nutritious meals can be a challenge if you don’t know how. Nutritious meals don’t have to be elaborate. In reality, they can be cooked in a quick and easy way while using only a few ingredients. Share your quick nutritious recipes with your family, friends, colleagues and online. Follow sustainable chefs and bloggers online to learn new recipes or talk to your local farmer to see how they cook their produce at home.

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