Good Lord! I never thought it would happen, but it has: a week where there’s only one occasion for each day. How incredibly manageable!

Did you know that the paper crane is an international symbol of peace? Find out how to make one here for Origami Day on Monday 11th November. Or maybe you’re a bit more skilled and know how to make dragons, miniature people or even ninja stars, in which case the world’s your intricately folded oyster. And if you’re feeling up to it you could even do an Edward James Olmos and quietly leave origami unicorns around to freak people out.

Tuesday 12th November sounds like a good day for a pizza, but choosing a topping can be difficult. Thankfully it’s Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day, so simply ask for it with everything but salty shoaling fish.

Kindness Day falls on Wednesday 13th November, and it hasn’t been around for very long at all. Founded in 1997, when a collection of humanitarian groups decided that there should be a day when everyone makes a Declaration of Kindness, it’s completely your choice how you decide to pay tribute. Whether you donate clothes, food or cash to a charity or simply give a friend a pep talk, as long as you’re being kind then you’re on the right track. But don’t let it end there – continue it from day to day, then beat your personal best a year from now!

Come on, it’s Thursday 14th November, almost the weekend and you don’t have to do the Christmas shopping just yet: time to enjoy Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day. Chill out and perk up by relaxing with yoga, a good book or whatever else makes you happy. And yes, ice cream is allowed.

Ugh! Why does the milk look like yoghurt, the yoghurt like cheese and the cheese like a furry stapler? Friday 15th November – Clean Your Refrigerator Day – means it’s time to throw away those mouldy leftovers and scrub the congealed cucumber from the shelf. Whilst you’re at it, get stocked up for the weekend, just in case you have a last-minute party.

Seen a world record you reckon you can beat? Saturday 16th November is Guinness World Record Day, when you’re not only invited to try to beat a record, but pictures of attempts can also be sent to GWR and may even be shared on their site. Check out for info and inspiration, although you probably won’t have enough time to beat Karl-Heinz Hille’s epic tache!

Now, whether you actually go for a hike or simply tell someone to “take a hike” as part of Take A Hike Day is up to you, but just remember that your friends will probably like you more if you go for a scenic walk with them on Sunday 17th November. Still, it’s your call; just be careful if you’re talking to your boss, as you have work in the morning.

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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