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Written by
Sam Alderson, on Fri Sep 7th

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So, it’s not something that we always want to talk about but it is part of life. And we all have to deal with it at some point in our lives. Since a young age, I have celebrated this holiday in one form or another, not know that there was a holiday about it. To this day I still do it. I am going to add a caveat that I am not religious and I have nothing against those that are. I do this more out of respect to the person than for a religious reason.

I have travelled here there and everywhere, and there are still a few places on my list to visit. However, if I am in a city and I happen to visit a church, for the architecture, not for prayer. I will always and I mean always donate and light a candle for those that have passed in my family.

At first, I did this as a way to help that church continue and it was a way for me to take a couple of minutes to remember those that have pasted. Though now that I am getting older I have more names to remember, that doesn’t stop me from taking the time to light a candle and just run through those names in my head. So, no matter where you are in the world take that time and light a candle and remember those people in your life that are no longer there. Also, take the time to cherish those that are still with you and are just a phone call away!