There’s been a lot of focus lately on feminism, and what it means to live life as a woman. At first blush International Men’s Day sounds like it might be a focus on meninism, but rest assured this isn’t a counterculture response to the feminist movement. Quite the contrary, International Men’s Day focuses on men and boy’s health, both emotional and psychological, improving the relationship between the growing spectrum of genders, and finding positive male role-models that are champions for gender equality.

No, certainly not a rise against feminism, but instead a growing ally for them.

The Good Works They Do
Suicide is a growing problem among men all over the world, in China there’s a 3-1 suicide rate for men vs women, and in Russia it’s 6-1. What’s leading to these expressions of pain and sorrow that leaves a lasting scar on the friends and family of the victim, wondering if there was something they could have done to help stop it. That’s why 2016’s theme for International Men’s Day is Stop Male Suicide, so that fewer families can experience this heartbreaking and devastating experience, and to help aid those who suffer from finding the hope and relief they need to turn their path from this act.

The Marks Of Manhood
There is some controversy on this topic, as the current conversation indicates that gender roles are really an archaic concept, as are the traditional views of masculinity and femininity. But over the world there are two themes that comes together to describe what it means to be male, Sacrifice and honor. What defines honor varies from culture to culture, but sacrifice remains the same wherever you go.

Sacrifice means placing others above yourself, making sure your family and friends get the love and support they need when the chips are down. Men around the world sacrifice themselves for their family, going without to make sure they have food on the table, and working jobs that destroy their bodies to ensure that their families have the clothing, housing, medical care, that is every living persons right.

Imagine the Virginia Coal Miner, who arrives at work before the sun is up to delve deep into the ground, and doesn’t break surface again until long after the sun has set. These men live their lives in perpetual darkness in environments that are dangerous to be in, with air that’s foul and dangerous to breath, and hours of backbreaking work that will leave them sore and aching in the years to come.

These kinds of jobs, and worse, are what some men will put themselves through to take care of their families, and International Men’s Day honors them.


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