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It’s all on tape

7th Jun, 2012 | Posted by in Blog
It’s all on tape

It’s VCR Day, and I was devastated to find that I don’t own the TMNT video that someone bought me for my birthday a few years ago for 10p from a charity shop after all. Gutted. Totally gutted.

And there’s no alternative anywhere in the house because I got rid of all my videos years ago, every last VHS cassette going the way of the Beta tapes a decade earlier.

I now had no idea how to celebrate this occasion, and I certainly wasn’t willing to knock on my neighbour’s door:

“Hi there. I was wondering if I could borrow a video tape.”

“Which video tape?”

“What do you have?”

“I don’t have any.”

“Why’d you ask me which one, then?”

And so on.

But then I suddenly remembered one hungover morning back in October 2011, when I trudged downstairs to find an empty egg box, complete with congealed shells, and a Pocahontas video missing its case, both sat next to the toaster. Apparently I’d fried some eggs upon my drunken return from the pub, which was fair enough, but I had no idea where the video had come from. Then a fuzzy memory from only hours prior surfaced: I’d found it on top of a rain-soaked dustbin in the street sometime around 4am. Classy.

So above is the photo I took that day to prove to all of my social media contacts that I was the kind of grown man who does such things, subsequently forgets, then finds it amusing when he remembers. And I still am.

Now, kindly rewind this post for the next reader.

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