Only a hermit or a Tyrannosaurus rex would find Hugging Day a challenge, as it’s probably the easiest occasion to celebrate so far this year. And yet, as you will no doubt have gathered from this blog already, for me the simplest tasks always result in anything from tragedy to a skin-of-my-teeth situation. Today is the latter.

One of the ground rules of this blog is that I have to celebrate each occasion on the day itself, so I can’t do anything retroactively or in advance. Unfortunately, I spent the majority of today either in bed, the kitchen, the living room or back in bed, as I was exhausted from the last week and needed to chill. If I lived with someone I could have hugged them and achieved my goal before Marmite on toast for lunch, but the only other living creatures in the house are the two cats, and that would just be cheating. Plus it doesn’t really count as a hug when the recipient just lolls there whilst shedding over your lap.

As a writer, I should regale you with a tale filled with peril and plight, adventure and romance, extreme close-ups and the occasional slow motion panning of the camera, charting my quest to hug someone before the day was up, but I actually managed this around 5pm, and there was no bother, danger or thrill involved, just a nice, warm hug that both parties enjoyed. However, a second ground rule is that I also have to post each blog entry on the day itself, and I began writing this particular entry at 11:51pm. It is now 11:57pm and I still need to finish, proofread and upload it. Can it be done? Let’s find out…

Right, it is now proofread (there were quite a few tweaks as I’d typed in a rush), uploaded and live. The current time is 11:59pm GMT – a sweet success that I’ll embrace with open arms. Mmmmmmm.


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