I think that Bring Your Manners To Work Day is my new favorite Day, simply because it’s so specific. Apparently it was created by The Protocol School of Washington to remind people of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the workplace. I’ve just checked out PSOW’s site and they teach the difference between etiquette (the art) and protocol (the science), so I guess it’s a case of raising one’s pinky during Afternoon Tea versus departing an event in order of rank. Something like that.

Anyhoo, this occasion is all about being polite, considerate and having the right attitude at work, especially when most of us spend more time with colleagues than we do with friends and loved ones. We’re not just talking about refraining from stealing sandwiches and forgetting to flush, it’s also a case of keeping the ringtone volume to a minimum, holding the elevator and making sure to clean up after clipping your toenails in the staff room. Even better, save the personal grooming for when you get home, as shaving at your desk can really gunk up the keyboard.

I’m a huge advocate of good manners and mutual respect, so this celebration is right up my alley. However, I’m self-employed and work from home, so the only living things I can be polite to are three cats, four fish and multiple cacti. Still, I’m not one to admit defeat so easily, so below is a screenshot of an email I’ve just sent to Andrew Chung, our Commercial Director. I do hope he appreciates it.


be polite



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