There are a few commemorations coming up this week, but Days of the Year strongly believes in everyone using these times as a means of remembering the past, bettering ourselves, and bringing happiness into other’s lives. Let’s take a look…

Chocks away, wot-wot! Monday 19th August is Aviation Day, commemorating the birth of Orville Wright in 1871. It may be quite short notice for booking a flight, but paper airplanes are cheap and easy to make, so we recommend that you climb a hill with your friends and race ‘em to the bottom! Meanwhile, Humanitarian Day spreads awareness of the many altruistic organisations that carry out essential work across the world. Do you support a particular charity? Promoting them through your social media channels is as easy as making a paper airplane!

What could be better than sitting with the family round the wireless, eagerly taking in the latest Virginia Woolf dramatisation? Okay, so that sounds pretty darn old school, but Radio Day on Tuesday 20th August reminds us just how incredible the device is, and how important it remains for millions of people. And we’re not just talking about music and sports here; some children on remote Australian farms receive their schooling via the airwaves!

“Mamma mia! You wanna sprinkles witha that?” Wednesday 21st August is Spumoni Day, celebrating the layered Italian ice cream that can be enjoyed by baby and pensioner alike. Quite fitting actually, as this day is also Senior Citizens Day. See that old person sitting on a bench, eating a sandwich? Don’t you think they’d enjoy a cold, creamy treat even more? Quick! Find a vendor!

Be An Angel Day is your chance to shine like rays from the heavens themselves. Spend Thursday 22nd August doing as many acts of kindness as possible. But don’t stop there; carry it on throughout the year, then use 22nd August 2014 as an opportunity to raise it to the next level!

How much do you love your boss? Not at all? Tough! Friday 23rd August is Hug Your Boss Day, so you simply must give that line manager a big old squeeze. It’s also Valentino Day, commemorating the untimely death of Italian actor Rudolph Valentino in 1936. Old Rudolph starred in the silent film The Sheikh, and what better subject matter to watch with your glorious leader?

KRAKABOOOOOOOM! Saturday 24th August, Vesuvius Day, commemorates the eruption of the mighty mountain in 79AD. A fascinating event in ancient history, you won’t regret spending a little time finding out more either online or in a good book. For instance, minor earthquakes took place throughout early August that year, but few people took any notice as this was a regular occurrence; little did the poor citizens suspect their impending fate, which would be documented for millennia.

Ugh. What have you done wrong this time? Not to worry because Sunday 25th August is Kiss and Make Up Day (not Kiss Make-up Day: you don’t have to dress like Gene Simmons). Whoever it is that you’ve had a bit of a tiff with, it’s time to bury the hatchet… but not in their torso.

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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