It’s Love Your Pet Day, and what did I do to celebrate this? I left the house at 8:15am to go to work, returned for a fleeting visit at 5pm to give them some evening chow, only to then depart again, not to return until after 10pm. I’m a rubbish pet owner.

I assure you that this doesn’t usually happen, for these are special circumstances (I actually had something to do this evening). Besides, I’m always lovely to them. Every day I wake to the male cat, James, patting my face with the gentle repetition of Chinese water torture, whilst the female, Miyako, sits on my feet, silently egging him on. This continues until I finally get out of bed, far earlier than required, to feed them. I used to set an automatic feeder every evening but they persistently attempted to break it open during the night, which would result in me getting very little sleep and, in the rare event of their success, sloppy chunks of meat being splattered all over the kitchen floor.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my cats to bits; they’re more like dogs, to be fair, they’re so affectionate, gentle, happy and loyal, unlike most other cats who discard you once the treats are out of their packet. Plus they don’t wreck the house or make a mess, other than the unavoidable shedding, and they always vacate my recliner when I click my fingers, which is more than any master could ever wish for.

To make up for today’s failure, I vow to be extra loving to them once this blog entry is posted. I’m thinking we can watch a film together before going to sleep and I’ll even give them an extra chicken flavoured stick apiece. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll treat us all to a swan boat ride on my lunch break, but then it depends on what the park keeper says, he wasn’t particularly impressed when I took them on the log flume last summer.


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