Leap Year Day is either a chance to catch up with all those tasks, chores and bits and bobs that have fallen behind a little or an opportunity to relax and unwind (although this might be frowned upon if you’re spending the day at work). Having booked the week off, I decided to do both.

Arising at 7:15am (even earlier than on a workday), I was chatting live on air with Radio Humberside breakfast show host Andy Comfort in Hull’s very welcoming BBC Building (see above) by 8:40. Specifically focusing on today’s special occasion, I told listeners how I planned to learn how to order soup in five languages, fix the kitchen cupboard and perhaps even bake a quiche for the first time ever. The actual outcome was a visit to Google Translate but not memorising the phrase in any language other than English; losing the final screw that was needed for the kitchen cupboard’s lower hinge; and buying a quiche rather than making one, despite being sent a delightful recipe by a member of Hulls Angels Roller Dames (thanks, Rae-Zor Lite!)

Still, having enjoyed my three-and-a-half minutes of fame, I went straight to the gym and underwent my eighty minutes of puffing and sweating, rounded off with a bacon and sausage sarnie and chocolate flapjack. I do love a healthy balance.

Yesterday I paid a very well-received visit to Kelvin Hall School to talk to pupils about World Book Day and how to become an improved… successful writer. Tomorrow I’m doing the same at St Mary’s College, so this afternoon I prepared myself by re-rehearsing some of my work (‘Aande’, ‘Steeped in Tradition’, ‘The Fabric of Time’ and ‘One Hometown, Many Homes’).

On top of all this, I managed to tidy the house, do a little grocery shopping, even send a few work emails and even squeeze in a most welcome two-hour afternoon snooze.

So Leap Year Day has been a complete success; now all I have to do is spend the next 1,460 days falling a teeny tiny bit behind so I have plenty of stuff to do for the next one. I don’t think there’s a cat in hell’s chance of me failing at that!


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