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You know we’ve all had them, those moments where we find ourselves the center of attention, and we’re wishing for all the world that we were able to just disappear. Ever been having a conversation in the middle of a noisy party, and suddenly the music shuts off and what was a private comment is now getting made to the entire room?

How about that instance where you raise your hand to wave at someone across the room, only to discover that this really isn’t the person you thought it was, and you’re standing there like an idiot with your hand in the air. Well, there’s a holiday dedicated to this special kind of situation, and it’s called, appropriately enough “Awkward Moments Day”

Why in the world?

Why in the world indeed. Why would anyone want to help bring awareness to these moments by showcasing them with their very own holiday? Well, perhaps it’s possible that bringing awareness to awkward moments (The last thing most of us want) will help to limit the amount that will occur in the year to come.

It’s a nice thought anyway, right?

What is far more likely to happen (and the way most people celebrate it) is that our good and dear friends will get together and march out all the most embarrassing stories and pictures of awkward moments they were there for. Apparently that’s what our friends really are for, to gather together and keep a running dialogue of moments we’d really just rather forget, and get on with our lives. Where are those friends? Instead, we have these people who say they ‘love and support us’ while inevitably laughing at our expense.

Why do we keep these people around again?

Right… Because we’re just as bad as they are.

No Really? Why does this exist?

Well, as it turns out there was a lot of buzz across the net in March 2015 about “Awkward Moments Day”, and that’s how this day came to pass. As a result, we now have an Awkward Moments Day that is, by default, an international holiday for no other reason than the internet is everywhere. It goes without saying that Awkward Moments know no national boundaries, nor social, class, gender, orientation, or anything else. They’re kind of the thing that brings us all together into one quiet, blushing, socially uncomfortable moment throughout our lives.