Okay, so this is where the blog goes off the rails a little (and on its fourth day as well, even I’d have bet it’d take at least a week and I know how unreliable I am). See, DOTY helps people to mark and/or celebrate each occasion. Some are silly and zany, perhaps even invented by the type of person who would try to cook raw spaghetti in an electric kettle, but others aim to educate on a specific topic, such as Hypnotism Day.

I do actually believe in hypnotic induction to the extent that I’d be wary of seeing a live show, let alone volunteering to go up on stage and have the audience watch me pretend to be a dog, a chicken, or a drag queen at Mardi Gras. Plus I’d even consider undergoing hypnosis if I were finding it difficult to overcome an issue, such as facing my fear of spiders or giving up the habit of tampering with traffic lights. (Kidding.)

However, the reason for the blog’s temporary derailing is twofold:

  1. I’m rubbish at organising my calendar, so I didn’t have time to book an appointment.
  2. I’m skint.

Perhaps in the future I’ll visit the local hypnotherapy clinic in a bid to improve my time and finance management skills, but in the meantime I had to resort to some good old-fashioned self-hypnosis. It was time to put myself under the hammer… no wait, that’s an auction term; and ‘under the knife’ means surgery. ‘Under the influence’ is like the time I was given some sweets in a nightclub (I don’t think they were jelly beans at all) and then went for a joyride in that tractor I found. Hang on, maybe the hypnotism term is simply ‘go under’. So already we’ve all learnt something, how wonderful.

I decided to hypnotise myself to defrost the freezer, as its door will barely close due to excessive ice buildup. How did I do this? Well I didn’t swing a watch in front of my eyes because the only ones I own go on my wrist, so instead I searched for videos on YouTube.¬†How did it go? Well, being the fool I am, all five videos I watched turned out to be ‘screamers’, so not only is my freezer still frosted up but now I’m scared of hypnosis. Brilliant.

Still, I may pop to the hypnotherapy clinic after payday; I’ll see if they can help me stop being afraid of amateur videos.


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