Imagine witnessing Niagara Falls… well… not falling. It’d be like seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa not leaning, Stonehenge reforming into a semi-detached house, or the Mona Lisa pulling the ‘wazzup’ face.

Still, back in 1848, the roaring waterfall was turned off for a bit due to a slight clogging. Luckily, someone had the biggest plunger you’ve ever seen, and before you could say “get me my wooden barrel, I fancy plummeting 160 feet through the open air onto a collection of jagged rocks”, everything was back to normal.

So today, Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day, I celebrated by appreciating running water as much as possible, from leaving the taps on at full blast, to flushing the toilet without cause. My bathroom and kitchen are now thoroughly splashed, which is extremely satisfying. I just hope I didn’t cause Niagara Falls to run dry again; that would be unfortunate, especially when they bill me to compensate for the lack of key rings sold to tourists.


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