I love June! There are so many days that fall next to each that you can just have a chain of celebrations! I am glad that we are heading into summer though and I can get back out into my garden.

You will notice that I took part in quite a few this month and if you follow me over on twitter you will have seen what I have gotten up to through out the month. Have you had a good month? Did you manage to celebrate a few yourself? I have very much enjoyed the photos that you have been posting!

Hug Your Cat Day

If you are a fellow cat owner you will know that the struggle to hug your cat sometime can be real! But not all cats are the same and some are very open to hugs.

Mine, Patch, is not always fond of them unless they are on his terms and I would expect nothing less in that regard. However if my husband wants a hug with him he is always really to share the love.

Nothing like favoritism is there.

You guys have also shared some amazing photos on our Facebook page and that are some adorably hug-able kitty’s out there!

Sausage Roll Day

Now being a Yorkshire lass there is nothing more appealing than a sausage roll. There is always a great debate about where to get them from though. Most bakers in the UK will have them on their shelves.

But which baked do you go for!? Thomas’ or maybe Cooplands how about Greggs. Perhaps you make your way to a market and buy an artisan pastry! Or are you more likely to pick one up from the supermarket?

Unfortunately, on the day in question, I was pressed for time and had to resort to a Marks and Spenser’s roll. Don’t get me wrong it was nice but just didn’t fill the whole that a Thomas’ sausage roll would have. Well, there is always next year.

Doughnut Day

This, to me, is one of the happiest days of the year. There is nothing like getting to the end of a work week and having a cheeky doughnut for and afternoon snack.

But what flavor would did you have? I had to go with the classic Strawberry and Kreme from Krispy Kreme. I mean why would you not. Though I was tempted to have one of the original glazed ones as well!

World Gin Day

Christmas for gin lovers! World Gin Day is the biggest event on my personal calendar! I love gin and have a whole cupboard in my kitchen that is just full of gin! This is where I so to figure out what I will be drinking for the next 12 months.

There are over 100 gins to try, if you can make it round them all, and 80+ vendors all from the company itself and in most cases you will be speaking to he founder of the company.

I love hearing the stories about how and why they started their gin and what inspiration they took from the brand itself. There are so many gins out there and with a real resurgence of the craft, I don’t think that they will be going anywhere soon!

Nature Photography Day

I think most photographers at one point or another become facinated with nature and the amount of detail in the world. I for one love taking photos of the world around me and the details that most people would gloss over.

It also seem that a few of our follower as well love to take some time to photograph the natural world.

I love seeing your photos and sharing your experiences Please do keep it up!

Take Your Dog To Work Day

And it is defiantly not June without a dog in the office! I sadly don’t have a dog so I wasn’t able to take part. But that didn’t stop me from living through my friends that do have dog and looking at photos of them in their work spaces.

You guys also shared some cracking photos of your furry friends helping you with the daily grind.

I mean just look at these adorable puppers! We are now heading into the second half of the year and there are so many celebrations that are coming up! What are you looking forward to?

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