Half way through the year and so much has already been celebrated! But never fear there is still more to come! In the northern hemisphere we are heading into summer and the days are getting warmer and longer, which can only mean one thing, more time to celebrate!

Hug your Cat Day

To be honest every day is this for me and many other furbaby parents. Most of the year we have to give them a hug on thier terms. Hug Your Cat Day however it is on our terms, well depending on how scratched up you want to get.

Line up, wiggle, pounce!

Doughnut Day

Gotta love a doughnut! This is always a day that I look forward too. One year I might even try to make my own but for the time being I will continue to got to the shop and buy myself some of the bakery counter.

Closeup of few sweet doughnuts with colorful glaze and sprinkles composed in row on bright pink surface

Gardening Exercise Day

Over the past few months I have very much enjoyed all the gardening focused days. And if you have been following along you will have seen how I have been growing vegetables in my garden. I have to say I have been very proud of what has come out of the garden so far!

Grow all the things.

Iced Tea Day

Blessed with a couple weeks of very nice weather, well for the UK at least, this Iced Tea Day was very much celebrated in the garden with a lot of ice and a bit of shade! I do enjoy the pre-made stuff but I did invest in some make at home as well.

lemon ice tea on brown wooden table with lemons around

World Gin Day

Well I must confess that I have a while cupboard of gin that is starting to get a little depleted! Usually at this time of the year I would have been heading to London for Junipalooza. A massive gin festival with over 300 gins! But this year it was cancelled, understandably, but next year is going to be amazing. Here is a photo from last years festival.

Line them up!

Nature Photography Day

While at home it has been interesting to see the amount of nature I have in the back garden and I have loved seeing all the little bugs and birds coming in and out of the garden. One thing that I did learn is what Ladybird larvae looks like, which I didn’t before!

What is that strange creature!?

Eat Your Vegetables Day

One of the best things year has taught me is that growing your own vegetables is hard but very rewarding! I have learnt so much this year in preparation for next year and what I want to grow next year. There really is something amazing about going out into the garden and picking your own vegetables to eat that evening!

Tiny Courgettes!

Camera Day

I very much live by the quote “the best camera is the one you have with you” but sometimes you just have to take the big camera out with you to get the shot that you have in your head. Like back in May for Train Day I shared the photos I took for Railfest. These were taken on my trusty 10 years old Canon camera. I would not change this bit of kit at all!

Canon 5D Mark II

There is still a lot more to celebrate this year and thought the past few months have been looking a bit bleak there is still a reason to celebrate every day!

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