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Magic Dance

29th Apr, 2012 | Posted by in Blog

It’s Dance Day, so I tried out a few moves in the kitchen this evening… What? It’s not weird; it’s my job. Well, maybe not my job, but I have a reason for doing it. Kinda.

Anyway, starting with the Mashed Potato before moving onto the Robot, this recital also included the Hustle, the Macarena and a nice bit of body popping. I would have done the Chicken Dance too, but there’s a day put aside especially for that in a couple of weeks’ time. Can’t wait.

So I thought I’d done quite well to celebrate today’s occasion and was about to post this entry, but then a friend commented on my Facebook profile with the simple words “dance, magic, dance”. This was in tribute to one of David Bowie’s performances in the amazing film Labyrinth, so I thought I’d try that out as well.

I must say that it didn’t go too badly at all; the only parts I failed were lacking massive eighties hair, an audience composed of Jim Henson monstrosities, and a crotch that wouldn’t fit through most doorways.

Watch the video on YouTube, but be prepared for a spot of goblin cruelty when Bowie boots one out of sight.

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