Start your week with a short animation; end it with a footlong sandwich!

Some occasions go together beautifully, an example being Animation Day and Plush Animals Lovers’ Day on Monday 28th October. To further combine the two, I recommend watching ‘The Mega Plush: Part 1‘ on YouTube. Chances are y0u’ll enjoy it, but you may never look at your sock monkey or stuffed bear the same way ever again.

Did you know that the first message sent electronically through an ancient form of the Internet was way back in 1969? It crashed halfway, but it’s still a cause for celebration. Imagine how your life would be without the Internet: more relaxed, less frenetic, better posture and eyesight, granted, but good God it was difficult to find information back in the early nineties. From “what else has that actor been in?” and “what’s a good recipe for rocky road?” to “what does the atomic structure of helium look like?”, the Internet is a lifesaver. Make sure to pay tribute on Tuesday 29th October, perhaps by using FutureMe to schedule an email to be delivered to your self of days yet to come.

Another apt combination of occasions takes place on Wednesday 30th October with Frankenstein Day (that could be fun) and Create a Great Funeral Day (that’s… not as fun). The former is a day to read or at least think about the classic piece of literature by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, written way back in 1818 and still an absolute masterpiece of imagination and prose to this day; the latter, meanwhile, is a time to discuss with family members what each of you would like at your respective funerals, from a particular song to a flash mob and 100-foot portrait of yourself. Have fun!

It would be easy to think that Thursday 31st October is Magic Day simply because it’s Halloween, but this is actually a coincidence. On this day in 1926, the much celebrated escapologist and most famous member of the Society of American Magicians, Harry Houdini, died at the age of 52 following an unfortunate incident. To find our more about the great illusionist, check out

Love a good book? Show writers how appreciated they are as part of Authors’ Day on Friday 1st November. Some of my favourite authors are Magnus Mills, Isaac Asimov, Andrew Kaufman, Jasper Fforde and Dan Rhodes, and I strongly recommend checking out their work if you haven’t already. I’m actually an author myself, one of my current projects being tweet-sized fiction which you can find under the guise @tinyweefiction. Follows and retweets are hugely appreciated.

I do love a good egg, but I have to say I’ve never scooped out the yolk, mashed it up with mayonnaise and mustard, and then popped it back in, adding some optional spices. But I know that I’ll be trying it out on Saturday 2nd November as it’s Deviled Egg Day, so unless you’re vegan, allergic or simply can’t stand the things, please join me!

OMG. Sunday 3rd November is Sandwich Day. That’s, like, the best occasion ever! There are days specially put aside for everything from chocolate cupcakes to the chicken dance, but sandwiches? YES! Time to get truly creative; I’m thinking turkey, ham, peanut butter and chocolate drops – today’s the one day I’m actively encouraged to experiment!

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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