Sunday was Lasagne Day. Straightforward enough. But you know what? I didn’t eat a single layer of lasagne that day (not that I tend to eat single layers of lasagne), but instead had tagliatelle.

Now, personally I think this is unacceptable. If I’d had a roast dinner, beans on toast or chicken salad, that would have been forgivable because at least it’s way off the mark and could be seen as a simple mistake, but to have something Italian and pasta-based, something so akin to lasagne, which specifically wasn’t lasagne? Man, it seems like I’m just being a dick.

However, Wil Wheaton (whose birthday was on the 29th – Happy Belated!) said that he wanted this day to be named Don’t Be A Dick Day. To honour this, I wholeheartedly assure you that having tagliatelle for dinner was a simple error – you know I wouldn’t mess with you guys, especially when it comes to wheat-based foodstuff. I’d simply lost track of my week, and by the time I realised what today’s occasion was, I was already busy microwaving… I mean, cooking… the meal.

So I hope you all enjoyed Lasagne Day and celebrated with one so delicious that you ate it straight from the pan like a fat, orange, lazy, anthropomorphised cat who’s afraid of spiders and hates Mondays. I also hope that you managed to not be a dick, if not for my sake, then for the sake of Mr @wilw, a man who simply wants what’s best for this world – for it to be a little less full of dicks, even for just one day.


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