Random Acts Of Kindness Day? But I’m always randomly acting kind to people, can’t I have a day off from it and be horrible instead?

I’m currently enjoying a week away from work, as on Valentine’s Day (AKA Ferris Wheel Day) I celebrated my 30th birthday, despite having the mental and emotional age of a nineteen-year-old that feeds on paranoia and angst. As a result, being a big fan of staying home to read and relax whenever I get chance, I haven’t seen another human being all day, so it’s been very difficult to perform a random act of kindness.

However, in a few minutes I’ll be leaving the house to visit a certain someone, and later this evening I’ll be meeting my dad in the pub to celebrate his birthday, which is today (Happy Birthday, Pop!). I’m sure that I’ll be able to come up with a small example of selflessness in both instances, but in the meantime I really need to do something so that you realise I’m not just making empty promises. Bear with me a few minutes…

Right, in the last few minutes I have done three things:

1) Cooked up some delicious minced beef specially for the cats, leaving it to cool before placing it in their food bowls. They practically inhaled the stuff – they’re used to scavenging dropped scraps covered in fluff from the kitchen lino, not perfectly prepared shredded cow.

2) I must admit that I usually swat bluebottles when they enter my home, but just now I let one escape out the window. I say “let escape”, I eventually had to trap it in a glass and release it outside as it simply couldn’t find the exit, the annoying little thicko.

3) Using a postcard from the national Time to Change campaign (above), I wrote a nice message on the back and will post it when I leave the house. It’s to my friend I mentioned above, who only yesterday said she never receives any mail. I used the “I’m thinking about you” postcard, which I thought was particularly sweet. Let’s just hope she doesn’t read this blog entry before it arrives – I didn’t even use a First Class stamp.

So there we have it, three totally random acts of kindness, completely unplanned, highly effective and all resulting in warm, fuzzy feelings. And though I don’t give to receive, I’d love to know if I’m going to receive one in return. There’s another eight hours left until midnight, so there’s still plenty of time. *cough hint-hint cough*


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