It’s No Housework Day, and of all the times to have an excuse to not clean the house, it’s after a week at work and a couple of nights at my girlfriend’s, all topped off with a day and a half being sickly in bed. In other words, about seven days of not vacuuming up masses of cat hair. But, as one of our Facebook page fans – or to be precise, her boyfriend – pointed out, the “day” ends at 5:59pm, so at 6pm I began cleaning up the week’s mess.

And oh, there was a lot of it – dishes to scrub, clothes to wash, recycling and rubbish to take out, cat litter to replace, and all manner of other annoying little things to clean up and/or away. And the hair, ohhhh the hair.

Still, I’ve pretty much done a week’s housework in a couple of hours, which isn’t bad really, although there’s a very good chance that there are still crumbs in my bed from the recovery digestive biscuits. But they can be overlooked right? As can the half-sucked Halls Soother stuck to my pillow…?


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