It’s another ruddy double occasion, and it’s a bloomin’ hard one to mark either way. Equal Pay Day and Ford Mustang Day – as far as I’m aware, all the girls I know are paid the same as the guys, depending on their jobs of course. I mean, one female friend is a nurse, whereas a lad I know is on the dole, so chances are that he is paid more. *lol* On top of that, I don’t know anyone who owns a Ford Mustang. Dang.

But yeah – everyone should receive equal pay, simple as that. And here’s another pertinent fact: everyone should drive a Ford Mustang, coz those babies are sah-weeeeeet! Annoyingly, I was just about to upload a pic that I took a couple of years ago near my house of a replica of The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard (it’s not often that you see one in a medium-sized Yorkshire city), but I’ve checked Wikipedia and it’s actually a Dodge Charger, consarn it!

Ah well, maybe it’ll suffice to get everyone reading this blog (that’s right, both of you) to open your windows and shout the following as loud as you can:

“Equal pay for women whose work is associated in any way with Ford Mustangs – pass it on!”

Ah yes, suddenly the world has become that little bit more equal, and a heck of a lot more Mustangy.



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