OK, at the risk of alienating my American readers and bewildering all others, American Eagle Day just makes me think of DCI Fowler, AKA ‘The American Eagle’ of the NYPD (North Yorkshire Police Department), in the relatively little-known, surreal sitcom Catterick, originally aired back in 2004 and one of my favourite things in the world ever since.

No words can quite capture the majesty and allure of DCI Fowler, an amazing Vic Reeves creation, so perhaps this video of clips will be more effective.

“I intend to make the county an environment where romance can blossom; where children can play in the streets with their hoops, tops and jack-in-in-a-boxes; where pensioners can guard their melon patches, without fear of Huckleberry Finn-style moonlight attacks.”

Pure genius.



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