Remember when you used to take something to school for Show and Tell? I think it’s more of an American thing, or at least not so much a British thing, but we might have had something similar over here every now and then. Well, Show & Tell at Work Day is when we get to do it all over again, only now the environment is the workplace rather than a classroom, and our audience is semi-interested workmates in place of totally uninterested classmates.


I’m a freelancer, working at home seven days a week. I don’t have any workmates, or even a workplace outside of my house. So instead of showing something at my work, I thought I might as well show where I work.

Working from home can be pretty uninspiring unless you do it right. Some self-employed people are surrounded by the noise of their kids and family life, which I wouldn’t be able to handle. Others have more hands-on jobs than mine, such as crafting furniture and ornaments in their shed or garage, which would have more appeal if I wasn’t so useless at making stuff. I, on the other hand, work in marketing, providing copywriting and social media management to a variety of clients from my computer. As a result, I needed to do something major in order to keep myself motivated, so I saved up a little cash and turned my back bedroom into an office befitting a typical marketing weirdo.

Removing the carpet, I replaced it with artificial grass. Painting three walls blue, I had the fourth one installed with a graphic of a relaxing forest. Adding a coffee table, fishbowl, plants, a few books, bright yellow typewriter and of course my workstation, not to mention a vintage toy robot with the face of my brother, I was ready to be the most productive I’ve ever been. Plus when I need to take a break or even a snooze, the leather rocking chair by the window proves incredibly useful.

So here are some pics I’ve just taken of my workplace, which I present to you for a slightly off-kilter Show and Tell. If you’d like to share your own pics with me, please do tweet them to @sobananapenguin.


Office - Computer

Office - wall

Office - fish

Office - typewriter

Office - cards

Office - chair

Office - Dave


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