Hey, friends!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched the new look and feel of our website.

It’s been a long-time coming, and it’s involved some pretty hefty challenges. We’ve built the new version from the ground-up, and written every single line of code from scratch. We’ve pushed WordPress right to the edge of its capabilities, and in directions it’s not typically built to handle. We’ve tackled conceptual challenges around how best to build, manage and design a site without typical navigation, inconsistent content structure, and the need for an unpredictably scalable back end. And now we’re done – we’re live.

The exciting thing is that whilst this is a huge milestone, it really just marks the start of Days Of The Year starting to grow up and take itself more seriously (whilst still remaining irreverently playful). We’ve spent a huge amount of time planning what the next steps are; how the website and surrounding ecosystem (including our use of Pinterest, Facebook and email capabilities) will need to evolve over time, and, now that we’ve removed some glass ceilings inherited from the previous platform and design, we can plough ahead with some pretty exciting stuff.

Coming up next…

Over the coming weeks and months, as well as continual refinements to the look, feel and content of the site, we’re planning to launch:

  • Detecting user time zones, and using this to alter the whole website’s content presentation. We’re aware that the whole premise of ‘Today Is…‘ is flawed if you’re in a different time zone – and resolving this has been a key motivation for developing the new platform.
    EDIT (18/06/13): This is now live and in place for most major time zones!

  • Introducing proper registration, allowing users to connect to the site via Facebook, and stay logged in. We’ll be layering in customisation and personalisation based on tastes, preferences and location as the site’s content grows.
  • On that note, considerably extending content breadth, depth and taxonomies. Days by location. By city. By religion. By type. All this and more.
  • An email newsletter, with regular roundups, special offers and news (which will eventually tie into the personalisation and customisation options).
  • Exportable and ‘syncable’ calendars – we’re aiming to give you the ability to hook your Google or Outlook calendars (and more) directly to the site, so that ‘today’ comes directly to you.
  • Partnerships with official and industry bodies to take the celebration of key days up a notch or two, and to present you with unique opportunities, goodies and rewards.

This is just the beginning, and we’ll keep you in the loop as we continue to develop things and add new toys.

Exciting times.


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