Now that the blog’s been going almost a month, I have to say I’m finding that the more serious occasions are harder to write about, such as Spouse’s Day. I want to be respectful to each cause and show my support, but it’s difficult for me sometimes as I do enjoy having a giggle and there’s usually reason to do so (such as Dress Up Your Pet Day). Today, however, requires some tact, plus it’s a toughie anyway as I have no spouse. (Readers: “Awwwwwwww.”) Still, specifically it’s Military Spouse’s Day, so it would be particularly disrespectful to surrender in the face of such a trivial obstacle. (Readers: “Yayyyyyyy!”)

I don’t think I know anyone in the military, or indeed anyone married to a military person, but I thought it might be nice to pay tribute to a few historical examples. There’s Lady Nelson and Madame Bonaparte, for instance, who were secretly pen pals and exchanged recipes for the perfect Victoria sponge and chocolate eclair. Then we have Mrs Custer and Mrs Sitting Bull, each of whom secretly coveted the other’s style of clothing and home decor. And how can we forget Mr Boudicca, the man who tended to the family horse and chariot when his wife wasn’t riding it fiercely through the town.

Okay, so I might have made some of that up. For one, it wasn’t named Victoria Sponge until well over a century after Wellington and Napoleon’s time, and some of the other facts may have been a bit sketchy at best. Still, here’s to military, and indeed non-military, spouses everywhere; without you there would be less responsibility, less guilt, less worry and less stress, but undoubtedly less happiness. Bless you all. Teeeennnn-hut!


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