As “yesterday’s” entry explains (I posted it not five minutes ago, as I’ve spent the last 23 hours ill in bed), today is Good Friday, so it’s a day off from the office. Even if today had been a workday, as previously stated I’ve spent the last 23 hours in bed, so I wouldn’t have been there either way.

With this in mind, I wouldn’t have been able to truly celebrate Walk To Work Day whatever the circumstances; but, if it’s of any consolation, I walk to work on days when I actually need to be there. In fact I walk to most places really, being a non-driver and hating how full of loud teenagers the bus can get (I don’t care how old I sound, they drive me insane). So perhaps it’s only fitting that Walk To Work Day was the one time when I got to have a day off from it.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, another 23 hours of bed beckons, and I’ll even make sure to walk up the stairs to get there. Night.


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