Calendar Adjustment Day remembers when the British Calendar Act of 1751 resulted in Britain and its colonies adopting the Gregorian calendar the following year. However, in order to sync themselves with the new schedule, they had to lose eleven days. People went to bed on the night of 2nd September and awoke on 14th September, despite only a few hours having passed.

This resulted in rioting because people wanted their days back, but surely it depends on what was to take place during that time. If it was your birthday you’d probably be pretty ticked off, but what if you took your monthly bath on the 13th? Surely you’d be well chuffed because you’d have escaped it for another month. But then it also meant that Christmas was eleven days closer, which means eleven days less time in which to prepare yourself for spending the day with the in-laws.

Personally I find the idea of losing so much time pretty cool; it’s like something out of an Asimov story. And imagine if you’d been born during the minute of switchover; you could legitimately demand to be spoilt for a week and a half!

1st September is almost Emma M. Nutt Day, commemorating the world’s first female telephone operator. Luckily for her she began this role in 1878 – well over a century after the big calendar adjustment – so the accounts department will have been back on track by then and there was no chance of not getting paid. Probably.


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