So I admit that I had no idea what lei was, but now I realise that it’s a flower necklace. Not a flour necklace, which describes the dusty mess in the kitchen, but I won’t go into that.

I also admit that I didn’t get round to making a physical lei, but I did make one for Barbara.

Barbara is the glamorous model pictured above. She stands quietly on the desk of eskimosoup’s Graphic Designer, and she’s even the model for the upcoming website for Hull Comedy Festival 2012. I call her Barbara but I should really point out two things:

1)     I don’t know what her name is, or if she even has a name in the first place.

2)     She looks like more of a Meredith to me.

Anyway, I’m not sure if you can tell but I’ve added her lei using Photoshop. I know, flawless right? Maybe I should get a job at Pinewood Studios. As the guy who scrubs the urinals.

So happy Lei Day to you all – may your flowers be sweet smelling and your hula girls non-plastic.


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