Gardening Exercise Day

Bees and Butterflies!

By Sam Alderson on 22nd April, 2015

I'm really excited to share this weeks post as it's my big Garden Month project. It's been a long time coming and I put the groundwork (excuse the pun) in early this year, and now...

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Garden Month

Starting your own Herb Garden

By Sam Alderson on 15th April, 2015

Last year I started my own herb garden, which I love, but I kind of went in head first without thinking about how I wanted it to look, or the types of herbs that I...

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Experience Week

Interviewing… Tom Hale from IntoTheBlue

By Jono Alderson on 13th April, 2015

At Days Of The Year, we're really into the idea of trying out new experiences. Weird, wonderful and new ways to celebrate and explore are at very the heart of what we believe and do. As...

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World Rat Day

Interviewing… Robin Toal from APOPO

By Jono Alderson on 11th April, 2015

Robin approached us following World Rat Day earlier this month, to see if we'd be interested in learning and talking about the APOPO - an organisation who train giant rats to detect landmines, diagnose health risks, and aid in...

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Garden Month

Succulent Succulents

By Sam Alderson on 8th April, 2015

Over that past few months Succulents have become the go-to house plant. They are easy to buy and easy to care for - even if you're a bit of a lazy gardener. They come in a...

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Garden Month

Perfect Peonies

By Sam Alderson on 1st April, 2015

To celebrate Garden Month I'm going to be sharing some tips that I have found around the internet. I'm going to start with Peonies! They're one of my favourite flowers; I love their colour and shape. I was so...

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