Small things come in large packages

By on 8th August, 2014

There are so many irritating little things that may pop up during your day, the type that can only be referred to as "First World problems". Getting a nasty look from the bus driver because you only...

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Do you even sew, bro?

By on 24th July, 2014

Friday 25th July is Thread the Needle Day, when we're all encouraged to pick up our needle and thread, thread the thread through the needle, then thread the thread together over and over using the...

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Forget about the birds

By on 7th July, 2014

We all know how important bees are, and not just for the honey industry. Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you'll have come across umpteen articles, news features, radio discussions and...

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A lens full of Hull

By on 29th June, 2014

Today is Camera Day, and would you believe that I don't own one? An actual camera, I mean; one that isn't also able to receive calls, check the weather and send pointless tweets. Still, I do...

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Interviewing… Our very own Richard Sutherland

By Jono Alderson on 29th June, 2014

Richard's been contributing to the Days Of The Year blog since day one, and went so far as to attempt to live an entire year celebrating every single event on our calendar. Nowadays he has...

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Walk into the light

By on 17th June, 2014

People often think me a misery guts when I tell them that I prefer dark nights to light ones, that I can't wait for the cyan and turquoise to dim with dignity following my evening meal rather than stretch...

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