Vanilla Cupcake Day

Cupcakes and computer code

By Brandon Withey on 13th October, 2013

It's a busy week coming up, but at least there are chocolate cupcakes involved... 'Piebald' is when an animal has irregular patches of colour and a coot is a bird that's black with a white streak...

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Houses, fears, music, teddy bears, eggs!

By on 6th October, 2013

Monday is a day for thinking about shelter, and Sunday is a day for finding out where the word 'shelter' originates... If you're reading this, chances are you have a home. You may not be reading...

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As crazy as a person who makes and sells hats

By on 29th September, 2013

You have to give authentic smiles on Friday, and then on Sunday you can pull your deranged one... You did it when you were a kid and got told off, but now that you're grown up...

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Never gonna: 1) Give you up, 2) Let you down, 3) Turn around and desert you

By on 23rd September, 2013

I can't speak for every week of the year, but this week I'm living the Astley way! When I think of Richard Nixon, what immediately springs to mind is a jowly head in a jar saying...

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Water one day, pirates the next

By on 16th September, 2013

This week you get to talk like a pirate because it's your constitutional right! Family is very important, even if its members aren't related by blood. Stepfamily Day on Monday 16th September celebrates the less traditional but...

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Who here loves Linux?

By on 8th September, 2013

Start your week by asserting your individuality and then end it by embracing the world, and there’s plenty of other stuff to celebrate in-between! How long’s it been since you last wore your Spider-Man costume to...

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