Chocolate Cupcake Day

Chocolate Cupcake Day: Our Best Recipe

By Brandon Withey on 17th October, 2016

Chocolate Cupcake Day is amazing, and all it needs to be amazing is the fact that it's a day dedicated to cupcakes... Chocolate ones. You think that sounds like a pathetic opening? Then you'll have...

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World Octopus Day: The Rise and Fall of the Cephalopod

By on 9th October, 2016

Octopuses have hundreds of suckers, each one equipped with its own ganglion with thousands of neurons. These 'mini-brains' are interconnected, making for a widely distributed nervous system. That is why a severed octopus arm may...

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Ain’t No Friends Like Boyfriends!

By on 6th October, 2016

Ok, so it can really suck to be single on a day dedicated to all those who have partners in their lives. Days like Boyfriends Day can leave those without a partner feeling like the...

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A Day To Chase The Horizon: Talk Like A Pirate Day

By on 12th September, 2016

Every so often we all feel like there's got to be a better way to live our lives, away from the 9-5 and constantly being subjugated by the almighty dollar. Sometimes we long for the...

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Explore Your World With A Stupid Question

By on 8th September, 2016

So many of them, every single day. Questions that wander through our minds and leave us wondering exactly what the heck a thing is, and how we can't know the answer to that already. I...

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Cupcakes and computer code

The Reign of Digital Entertainment: Video Game Saves The Day

By Brandon Withey on 6th September, 2016

Long ago there was a sad, depressing age. Families sat around in flickering incandescent light in front of a static filled black and white broadcast, gathered around that most vile of all inventions, the board...

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