Snapping the natural world around you

By Sam Alderson on 12th June, 2017

If you follow any of my personal accounts you know that I love photography, it's a hobby of mine and I in no way claim to be a professional and there are some stunning people...

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Raise a glass for World Gin Day

By Sam Alderson on 7th June, 2017

Celebrating its ninth year, World Gin Day is one of my favorite days on the calendar, as a fan of gin, this one never passes me by! But I know that it's not everyone's cup...

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Nothing like a new notebook!

By Sam Alderson on 11th May, 2017

Since the release of the iPhone, people have said that paper is dead and that everyone will be organizing their life via a multitude of apps. Well, 10 years on and notebooks are going stronger than...

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Interview: Secure your world

By Sam Alderson on 26th April, 2017

Admit it you have used your pets name as your password or maybe you used a partners name. We have all done it at some point but with the advancements in technology, we need to...

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Time for a new experience!

By Sam Alderson on 17th April, 2017

At Days Of The Year, we love the idea of trying new things, it comes with the territory. We encourage others to try something that may be just out side their comfort zone. Weird, wonderful and new...

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Put your feet up it’s No Housework Day!

By Sam Alderson on 4th April, 2017

There are jobs around the house that we all hate, well today you don't have to do them! That's right it's No Housework Day! Alright listen, if there’s anything that everyone can relate to (and house...

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