The Amazing Egg Shaped Treat: The Jelly Bean

By on 22nd April, 2016

You know what my favorite part of Easter is? Jelly beans. Forget the eggs or the chocolate bunnies, you can have your marshmallow peeps and peanut butter filled chocolate candies. We don’t care about the...

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Why We Love The Agony Aunt: Columnist’s Day and the Modern Aesop’s Fable

By on 18th April, 2016

If you really like getting your opinion heard, being a columnist can be a fantastic job. I mean, what’s better than being paid to write your thoughts and opinions for the world to read, without...

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Heros Of The Written Word: Library Workers Day Cometh!

By on 12th April, 2016

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a librarian. I know, an odd ambition, but when I looked at what they did all day (or what I thought they did) it seemed like...

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The King Of Pies: Deep Dish Pizza Day

By on 5th April, 2016

You know what everyone loves? Pizza. It's easily the foundation of some of the most important events in our life. There was the day we first heard of Pizza, and then the day we ate...

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Don’t Allow This Awfulness – Protect Your Data on World Backup Day!

By on 24th March, 2016

You know what’s one of the most terrifying issues that faces modern man? The loss of all of our digital information through the collapse of our hard drive, the loss of a flash drive, or...

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Today’s White Plague – World Tuberculosis Day

By on 22nd March, 2016

Hippocrates stated that Phthisis was potentially contagious, while others of his time stated that it was merely hereditary. It’s generally believed that the famous Nefertiti perished from the White Plague, characterized by a vicious cough...

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