By on 29th January, 2012

Stupidly, for Puzzle Day, I went for the Rubik’s Cube, knowing full well that I’m utterly rubbish at it. I’d love to be a whiz kid at Erno Rubik’s wondrous invention, but I just never...

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The experiment was a success!

By on 27th January, 2012

Earlier this week (Beer Can Appreciation Day, to be precise), my voice could be heard across Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire. That’s providing you had your radio on and tuned to 96.9 Viking FM. Whilst in...

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There’s no spouse in dah house!

By on 26th January, 2012

Now that the blog’s been going almost a month, I have to say I’m finding that the more serious occasions are harder to write about, such as Spouse’s Day. I want to be respectful to...

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Chalk and cheese

By on 25th January, 2012

Opposite Day was just like any other day. Dozing off to my alarm clock at the usual time, I brightly skipped down the stairs into the kitchen. There, I emptied the kettle into the tap...

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Good or bad timing?

By on 24th January, 2012

This is just typical. Beer Can Appreciation Day and I’ve gone and caught the bug that’s doing the rounds, so the thought of even a drop of booze makes me feel ill. However, perhaps this...

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An arachnid in a hole in the desk

By on 23rd January, 2012

My old GCSE Geography teacher once told me that my handwriting was so bad, it looked like a spider had walked through an inkwell. Not that we had inkwells in that school, mind you, and...

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