Miaow? Miaow.

By on 22nd January, 2012

What an interesting day, Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. As far as I’m aware, the only questions my cats have are to do with food, water, attention and a warm place to sleep. Did I...

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Just managed to squeeze it in

By on 21st January, 2012

Only a hermit or a Tyrannosaurus rex would find Hugging Day a challenge, as it’s probably the easiest occasion to celebrate so far this year. And yet, as you will no doubt have gathered from...

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Jockeying for stardom

By on 20th January, 2012

Right, Disc Jockey Day went a bit wrong at the last minute. Basically, I was going to prerecord a piece about this very blog over the phone for Viking FM’s Saturday show, but instead I’ll...

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A (tin) can-do attitude

By on 19th January, 2012

Let’s all give thanks to nineteenth-century British merchant Peter Durand, to King George III, and especially to patent number 3372, for without them the tin can, and the subsequent Tin Can Day, would be but...

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Everyone loves a massive scaly reptile

By on 16th January, 2012

You may not realise, but there are actually quite a few individual candidates that could be the focus for Appreciate A Dragon Day, such as Tolkien’s Smaug, Saphira in Christopher Paulini’s Inheritance Cycle, and Rowling’s characteristically...

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Mad as a hatter

By on 15th January, 2012

I’ve been kicking myself since breakfast because I could have worn something truly magnificent for Hat Day, but both the timing and my memory ruined this perfect opportunity. A Christmas or two ago I bought my...

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