Bubble trouble

By on 8th January, 2012

Today, Bubble Bath Day, should have been nice and relaxing; an oasis of calm between the stresses of the past week and the one yet to come. However, those of you who own cats will appreciate...

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Any excuse to get battered!

By on 7th January, 2012

Tempura Day, what a treat for the weekend! Basically I get to cover things in batter. Food, that is, I get to cover food in batter; I’m not going to use it to grout the...

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King me!

By on 6th January, 2012

Awww, the end of the Christmas period? But I love the Christmas period! Then again, for me it ends on 1st January and the “I can’t breathe, why did I eat so much cheese?” period kicks...

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Feathers on the brain

By on 5th January, 2012

Today is Bird Day; its mission is to raise awareness of how the global bird population is under threat due to... well... mainly us, basically. I'm not going to be all sanctimonious and go on about deforestation...

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Listen to the droning of my voice

By on 4th January, 2012

Okay, so this is where the blog goes off the rails a little (and on its fourth day as well, even I'd have bet it'd take at least a week and I know how unreliable...

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Clutching at straws

By on 3rd January, 2012

This is a pretty cool one, Drinking Straw Day. I was originally going to patiently sip an entire glass of blackcurrant cordial through fifty interconnected straws spanning the living room and kitchen, but then remembered...

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