Have you ever looked up ‘raspberry’ in the dictionary? Chances are you haven’t, as it’s one of those everyday things that you never need a definition for.

Have you ever looked up ‘cake’ in the dictionary? Again, the answer is probably no, and for the exact same reason.

Well, according to the dictionary widget that came with my Mac, a raspberry is an edible soft fruit related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish-pink drupelets. Meanwhile, cake is described as an item of soft, sweet food made from a mixture of flour, shortening, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients, baked and often decorated.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely in the mood for a slice of soft food decorated with clusters of reddish-pink drupelets. Good job it’s Raspberry Cake Day, eh? I reckon I’ll have mine with a drink made from the roasted and ground beanlike seeds of a tropical shrub, served hot. 


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