Ice cream for starters, red apple for dessert…

Did you know that ‘eclair’ means ‘flash of lightning’ in French? Wikipedia says that the link is unclear, but surely it’s obvious in that they’re gone as quick as a flash of lightning. Similarly, ‘parfait’, as in the indulgent sundae of ice cream, fruit and nuts, means ‘perfect’ in French. (Do they always need things spelling out for them when it comes to desserts?) So make Monday 25th November the most perfect day of the calendar because – you guessed it – it’s Parfait Day.

Do you know the significance of Tuesday 26th November? Think about it… Bingo! It’s less than a month until Christmas Day, which is why Shopping Reminder Day is here to push us to get all those presents bought before the shops become so crazy that you end up giving everyone you know a gift card for colonic hydrotherapy.

Wednesday 27th November is Pins and Needles Day, but it’s not for raising awareness of that irritating sensation of tingling or numbness in an area of your body (medically knows as paresthesia, just so you know), but instead pays tribute to the opening of a historical Pro-Labor Broadway play called Pins And Needles in 1937. So… yeah… do with that what you will.

Bread fried in egg batter – is there anything scrummier? Most of us call this French toast, although quite a few Brits refer to it as eggy bread. What I didn’t know is that it’s also called poor knight’s pudding, which is possibly the best name for anything ever. Whatever you call it, make sure to have some on French Toast Day (Thursday 28th November).

It’s another one of those combinations of days that may seem completely random to most, but for me it raised a chuckle. Friday 29th November is both Flossing Day (encouraging regular flossing as part of your dental hygiene) and Electronic Greetings Day (an opportunity to talk to people via email, e-card and so on in place of in person). So is it just me, or is this a hint that we all have bad breath and no one wants to talk to us face to face?

Small Business Saturday and Computer Security Day also share a single twenty-four hour period, on Saturday 30th November. They’re both pretty straightforward, so make an effort by purchasing from local/independent businesses and upping your antivirus and password protection. Just watch out for small businesses that sell shifty computer security packages from gloomy alleyways.

Sunday 1st December (DECEMBER ALREADY!) sees an even more self-explanatory occasion. Eat a Red Apple Day is… do I really need to explain? Come on, get part of your five-a-day from something that’s the colour of Dorothy’s slippers.


Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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