Alright mates, you know we’ve all done it. Taken a look at our friends list on Facebook and said to ourselves…Who are all these people? Some of them were people we added on a whim, others long lost acquaintances we only met briefly, and in the worst cases, Facebook spam accounts that we just didn’t care enough to look into.

Don’t you wish there was a designated time to take the old scrub-brush to your Facebook friends list? Well now there is, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the year. With Unfriend Day, I finally have a specific time of year where I get to say “Alright boys and girls! I’m cleaning house!”

But Who Do You Drop Off The List?
Perhaps one of the hardest things to decide, who is chaff and who is wheat? Well friends let’s take a look at it this way, when was the last time you had something like a meaningful conversation with them? Really, do you need that person you never talk to on your list? What purpose do they serve? NONE! Chop ‘em off!

Is the only thing they post what they had for breakfast and all the little things of their life like kids and pets and other bits of “Oh my god does anyone really CARE about this besides you?”… If not, drop the guillotine on that friendship, their social dead weight and just clutter up your feed.

Exes… Do we have to talk about exes? If they don’t meet the first requirement (When did you speak to them last that wasn’t a possibly regrettable drunken and teary eyed ploy to try to reclaim them in your otherwise empty and meaningless life?) then shed ‘em off. It’s time to embrace your life again, and your friends list!

Who don’t you drop off?
These are the tricky ones, to be honest. I have a dear friend I’ve known since I was a teenager, but his political views just irritate the snot out of me. That, and his religious ones. But he sure loves to post about these things! Do I dump him? No!

Because he meets requirement number one, we chat frequently and have a shared love of certain hobbies. So I just block posts from those pages he’s sharing that I’d just as soon not see. Problem solved and our relationship continues in peace!

Remember, there are other options than “Why am I listening to your constant stream of stuff that annoys me” if you really like the person and want to stay in touch. You can even choose to stop following them while still staying their friend, it just means none of their stuff will appear on your feed, huzzah!

Unfriend Day is you day to help set yourself free from your unwanted Friends List Flotsam! Be ruthless!


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