There are jobs around the house that we all hate, well today you don’t have to do them! That’s right it’s No Housework Day! Alright listen, if there’s anything that everyone can relate to (and house spouses throughout history especially) it’s the painful drudgery of housework. So, put that vacuum away, don’t even think about picking up that spray bottle it’s time to leave everything as it is and enjoy the day!

Not sure what to do? Well, there are plenty of activities for you to do other than dusting! If you are stuck indoors then why not start a new book or curl up with your current read and a cuppa! Not into reading well slump in front of a box set, still haven’t got into Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?

Well, today is the day to get caught up. You could also have a go at cooking that recipe that you have been meaning to get round to, but remember no washing up! Why not start a hobby, there may be a local adult education class to help you along.

Maybe you got lucky and the weather is on your side today. There are a ton of outdoor activities that you could do to avoid having to wash those dishes. Have lunch out, make yourself up a picnic and go and enjoy the local park and soak up some rays.

You could always play some sport, while you’re at that park have a run about as well or have a play on the local play set. Why not visit your parents or grandparents, they love to see you, and if you’re like me you don’t go enough.

So, with that, I hope that you are feeling sufficiently relaxed and recharged and ready to go because all that housework you put off today, needs doing tomorrow but don’t worry, put so upbeat music on and it will soon fly by!

What did you get up to this No Housework Day?

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