Well hot diggety daffodil! Today is Book Lovers Day and Rice Pudding Day, and not only do I love me some books, but I also rice me some pudding!

To celebrate the former, check out the pic above of a statue in Hull’s historic Guildhall, which shows a young lad with a rather pensive expression reading a book. Can anyone tell what it says underneath? It looks like ‘Tasso Langrado’ but I’ve Googled variations of this and come up with a big fat nothing. If you do know what it says, please tweet me at @sobananapenguin.

Oh wait, not only is it far too small, but it’s also covered up by the Pin it button. Ah well. Tweet me anyway if you want.

As for the rice pudding, believe me, you don’t want to see a photo of me enjoying that. It’s not a pretty sight.


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